HSHD Ep.87 Alan Hess – Shooting San Diego Comic Con 2019

Our good friend, photographer, author and instructor, Alan Hess joins us for a second stint (he was our first ever guest on episode 4) to talk about his history with San Diego Comic Con going right back to the 80s and also as an official photographer for Fox, Hulu and Hasbro. Alan talks about the. behind the scenes, the planning and some fun stories! 
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HSHD Ep.86 RC Concepcion Interview – Talkin’ ’bout Education

This week we are joined by RC Concepcion. RC is an old friend and one of the original Photoshop Guys at KelbyOne but left to start his own online photography training company before heading up to Syracuse to join Gregory Heisler as a professor, back in a school environment again where he first started back in NYC. RC is also an accomplised author woth books about Lightroom, Photoshop, HDR photography and more. It was so cool catching up with RC and chatting about his career and how he feels about the world of education, on and off-line.

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HSHD Ep.85 Glyn & Dave Are Back! What’s Occurring?

We had a little Summer break but we are back for the Autumn/Fall season with new guests lined up and a new show Partner – Phlearn.com. We have a right good old catchup, let you know what we’ve been working on and stuff that’s going to happen.


Dickie pelham Book – https://amzn.to/2NIIhha
How Do I Do That In InDesign Book – https://amzn.to/2Lc867A
Dave Cross Podcast – http://talkingshop.show
WorldWide PhotoWalk – https://worldwidephotowalk.com
Etherignton Brothers – http://theetheringtonbrothers.blogspot.com
Abram Games Exhibition – https://www.nam.ac.uk/whats-on/art-persuasion-wartime-posters-abram-games


HSHD Ep.84 Ian In London – Talking About Drone Photography

Over the past year or so Drones such as the Phantom and Mavik Pro by DJI have received their fare share of bad press due to some irresponsible behaviour by the minority; however their popularity has far from diminished and their use becoming more and more widespread…and not just in the creative field.

In this episode Glyn chats with “Ian in London” whom he’d originally became aware of through YouTube. A self confessed ‘hobbyist’ Ian has developed a fast growing YouTube Channel where he covers all aspects of Drone use ranging from tips and best practice for successful flights and capturing stunning video and still images, do’s and don’t’s, travelling with drones, qualifications and much more.

Ian carries with him a wealth of knowledge gained through experience and as a CAA qualified (PfCO) Drone Pilot, so if you have a drone, are thinking of getting a drone or are simply curious, you’ll get lots from what he shares in this episode. A great guy with a great attitude, a willingness to share and true testament to how being consistent can lead to bigger things.

Website: https://www.ianinlondon.com

YouTube: search for ‘Ian in London’

Lost Drove over White Cliffs of Dover video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJX8uCGjEZo

Ian In London - He Shoots He Draws podcast - Photography

HSHD Ep.83 3945 Portraits – Jack Ansell – Memories of World War 2: A Life Lesson

In this episode, Glyn shares an interview he did with World War 2 Veteran, Jack Ansell. Jack served with the Royal Corps of Signals for the entire duration of the War and was captured and held as a POW for 4 years being made to carry out forced labour. Jack celebrated his 100th Birthday shortly before this recording, and his story is one not of blood and gore, of which he clearly experienced, but one of human kindness and compassion at times you never would have imagined. This is a story of making the very best of a bad situation and a story of risk versus reward. Check out the 3945portraits.com website where Glyn has shared the video version of this interview too, along with the portraits taken of Jack.

HSHD Ep.83 3945 Portraits - Jack Ansell - Memories of World War 2: A Life Lesson

HSHD Rewind #PhotoshopWeek

This week we are featuring some older episodes around some of our Photoshop related interviews including the following:

Jesus Ramirez Photoshop

Monday – Jesus Ramirez | Episode 47 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-47-jesus-ramirez-interview-making-a

Aaron Blaise Photoshop

Tuesday – Aaron Blaise | Episode 22 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-022-a-chat-with-aaron-blaise-life

Lisa Carney Photoshop

Wednesday – Lisa Carney | Episode 48 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-48-making-hollywood-movie-posters

Matt Kloskowski Photoshop Lightroom

Thursday – Matt Klosowski | Episode 33 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-033-going-it-alone-with-matt

Bert Monroy Photoshop

Friday – Bert Monroy | Episode 44 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-44-bert-monroy-the-godfather-of

Corey Barker Photoshop

Saturday – Corey Barker | Episode 46 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-46-corey-barker-creativity-youve-got

Joel Grimes Photoshop

Sunday – Joel Grimes | Episode 27 https://heshootshedrawspodcast.simplecast.com/episodes/ep-027-joel-grimes-photography

HSHD Ep.82 Drew Gurian – Evolution Of A Photographer

This week’s interview is with celebrity portrait and lifestyle photographer, Drew Gurian. Drew is New York based and working hard in one of the most competitive locations. We talk about Drew’s start in photography, working as Joe McNally’s assistant for 5 years and how he’s built a reputation and a business in a very tough industry, celebrity portrait photography.



HSHD Ep.81 Setting Up Your Home Print Studio – Personal Projects

This week, Glyn and Dave talk about the benefits of setting up and investing in a home print studio. What’s the best kind of gear, paper, inks and how to properly calibrate and set your profiles to get the best possible print every time. We also talk about framing and how to maximise your home printing investment. Plus some info about the upcoming 3945Portraits Exhibition and preparing print for the exhibition. Thank you for listening.

Printing Tutorial – https://www.glyndewis.com/?s=printing&v=79cba1185463

Printer – https://amzn.to/2S1NK2I *Note – Glyn got his at a trade show at a special price, the printer is now at around £450-£500 – other printers are available

3945 Portraits – https://www.3945portraits.com
3945 Portraits Exhibition – https://www.3945portraits.com/

HSHD Ep.80 A Reality Check On Life And In Business – HE Creative Design Agency UK

This week is an interview Dave conducted with UK based design agency HE Creative. It was a relationship built from a random book posting on Instagram and this was the first tie Dave and Phil ever spoke or saw each other. What happened next was a very honest reality check on life, business, relationships, social media and self preservation. It really was one of our most honest interviews and regardless of your profession, you should listen to this!

Check them out at https://www.hecreative.com and follow them on Instagram here https://www.instagram.com/hecreative/

To hear more about HE Creative and Phil’s thoughts on running a studio, keeping on top of mental health and much more – check out CREATIVE WAFFLE PODCAST from Monday 8th July 2019.


HSHD Ep.79 Photography & Design RoundUp – with Glyn and Dave

This week, Glyn and Dave chat about what’s been going on the past few weeks, teaching overseas, Glyn’s trip to Normandy for the D-Day anniversary events, the new veterans portrait project website and logo, Ricky Gervais and our favourite TV shows! Just some friendly chit chat between two mates.


He Shoots, He Draws Podcast - Episode 79 with Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton
He Shoots, He Draws Podcast – Episode 79 with Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton