HSHD Ep.23 Instagram TV and Business Tips

Dave and Glyn have a midweek catchup and discuss the new Instagram TV launched this week PLUS some helpful start up business tips around buying web domains, social media and collaboration with others to get you started. If you’d like to hear more about that then please leave us a message below with your questions.

HSHD Ep.22 A Chat with Aaron Blaise – Animator, Artist, Director, Teacher (ex-Disney)

Glyn and Dave sat and had a chat with ex-Disney animator of 20+ years, Aaron Blaise. Aaron has become a great friend and it was so nice to sit and chat about life, work, Disney, photography and business.

Aaron on:
Twitter – https://twitter.com/AaronBlaiseArt
YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/AaronBlaiseArt
Website –  www.creatureartteacher.com
Instagram – www.instagram.com/AaronBlaiseArt

HSHD Ep:20 The Picturing Success Podcast Team Up

This week the chaps teamed up with renowned photographer, Rick Sammon and devilishly handsome business guru, photographer, videographer, Larry Becker for a four way chat on their Picturing Success Podcast. They talk about how they got started, how they find the business now and the worlds they have in common. And some laughs!

Check out The Picturing Success Podcast
Rick Sammon’s Website
Larry Becker’s Website
Rick’s latest book Route 66
Larry’s FREE E-book
Rick on Social Media Twitter Instagram
Larry on Social Media Twitter Instagram

HSHD Ep:17 A Right Royal Catch Up

Glyn and Dave have a catch up after 2 weeks of interviews, they discuss authenticity in your approach to your work, how to get good advice, the Royal Wedding photographs and what’s coming up including the launch of the new website http://heshootshedraws.com.

Photoshop Toolbox https://amzn.to/2J4lnyP //
No Name Photo Show http://nonamephotoshow.libsyn.com //
Prince Philip Swears Clip https://youtu.be/N05CApWqp_M //
Scotty Russell https://perspective-collective.com //
Diane Gibbs Podcast https://rechargingyou.com/the-show/ //
Thomas Heaton https://youtu.be/0PrWxztRpn4 //
Photoshop World https://photoshopworld.com