Ep.137 Dan Mumford: A Year In The Life Of A Photoshop Illustrator

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Dan Mumford

Please join us for a chat with UK based Photoshop illustrator, Dan Mumford. Dan is a renowned artist and he’s worked with the biggest movie franchises and the biggest bands, and continues to do so. I had a chat with Dan about the past year, his career and keeping ahead of the game when it comes to keeping clients and enjoying a career in illustration. 

Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working in central London, UK.

Over the past 10 years, Dan has worked within the pop culture and music scene creating everything from album covers, branding and screenprint’s to new interpretations of classic film posters and albums. Clients include Disney, Hasbro, Apple, Adobe, Sony, Wizards of the Coast, Icon Motoports, CBS, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and many many bands and record labels from around the world. 

Dan has had several gallery shows in America over the past few years and spoken at many festivals and events around the world, including Adobe Max, Offf Festival, Bump Festival, Various universities around the UK and more.

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Ep.136 Adobe Max 2020 RoundUp with Dave and Alan

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In this extended episode both Dave and Alan talk about their Adobe Max experience, from an an instructor’s viewpoint and both as attendees. We talk about our favourite bits, talks to watch, a couple of nuggets we learned, and overall we absolutely loved it. Given the circumstances Adobe did an amazing job especially that the whole event was free as well with on demand access for all classes for a year. 

NOV 9-13TH 2020


Adobe Max Keynote 
Aaron Draplin Talk
Dan Stiles Talk

Dave’s InDesign Class

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We welcome back THE best Photoshop instructor on YouTube, Mr Jesús Ramirez from The Photoshop Training Channel. This is the second time we’ve had him on the show, we discuss more about how Jesús has been able to adopt TikTok as a platform to gain more eyes on his content and how he manages his online presence. It’s a really informative episode. If you want to hear the first episode with him, the link is in the show notes. Enjoy some Photoshop knowledge!








Ep.134 Mr Russell Preston Brown – Mobile Photography & Experimenting!

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What can I say about this week’s guest that you don’t already know! We are joined by the powerhouse of creativity that is Mr Russell Preston Brown – Adobe Royalty, legend, myth, inventor and more. It was a pleasure to have Russell as our guest and we spoke a lot about mobile photography, shooting personal projects with a mobile phone, strobes and some experimentation. Russell is a creative leader when it comes to pushing the boundaries of photography and the Adobe apps. Please join us – WARNING – some of our interview is visual so I have added the video of this interview to YouTube, link in the show notes.

YouTube visual highlights HERE

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RICOH Theta Z1

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Ep.128 Scott Kelby – Music, 2020, Photography & The Worldwide Photowalk

This week’s guest is a friend, a mentor, a colleague and more. Scott Kelbyhas influenced my career more than anybody and this episode is two mates catching up, talking about what we’ve been up to, personal projects, the past, present and future, books, tv and a good few laughs in-between. Due to audio problems, this is the Zoom recording only so please excuse any bumps along the way. 

Please check out all the details for the WorldWide Photowalk on Oct 3rd 2020 and please take part and help the Springs of Hope orphanage. 


Ep.127 Meredith Stotzner – The Life & Times of a Photoshop Product Manager

This week’s guest is Meredith Payne Stotzner, a 20+ year member of the Photoshop team at Adobe and currently the Product Manager (Photoshop & Digital Imaging). We get to see Meredith at Adobe Max and Photoshop World and chat all things Photoshop but we’ve never really got to know her background. So we chat about Meredith’s path to Adobe and how our creative world has evolved as well as her role.

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Ep.126 Dustin Jack – The Passion of Rock & Roll, Photography and Photoshop

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This week’s guest is Los Angeles based Music Photographer Dustin Jack. Dustin is a fellow Photoshop World Alumni, twice winner of a Photoshop Guru award, a fellow concert photographer friend of my cohost Alan Hess and a damn nice bloke who works hard to achieve his successes. And he’s worn Elvis Presley’s suit. There’s cool and there’s Dustin! We chat about his career, starting out as an auction item photographer, his love of music and photography and what keeps his passion going after a long career in photography! 

Thanks to Nero’s Notes for their support and also The Photography Show – Sept 20-21

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Homepage: http://www.dustinjackphotography.com/

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Another podcast interview

Ep.125 Brian Friedman – Rock Photography, Business and COVID Recovery

Episode Summary

This week’s guest, thanks to cohost Alan Hess, is Las Vegas based corporate event, concert and portrait photographer, Brian Friedman. Even if you don’t know the name, you’ll know his work. He’s one of the hardest working photographers in the music business, shooting for iHeart Radio. Brian only started professionally in 2005 and he’s come a long way, getting to shoot a US President and multiple legends of music. Brian is also a COVID recoverer and he tells the story of how that came to be and his and his wife’s recovery. Brian was a dream guest, his stories were so interesting. If you love photography you’ll love listening to Brian’s enthusiasm for his craft. Join myself and Alan for 90 mins of pure photography joy!

Brian’s Celebrity Portraits

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Brian Friedman

About Brian…
What was once a hobby and then a dream, became a reality in 2005 when I started my career as a professional photographer. I didn’t know where it would take me, but I knew it would be the adventure of a lifetime. Photographing people and events has opened up my world beyond my wildest dreams. Making art from what I see has become a true calling, and one I strive to do better and better, shoot by shoot. Access is a privelege I take very seriously. Whether I am backstage at an event, in close proximity to a subject, or in the audience, my goal is to capture the true essence of what’s happening before me. I love it, and I’ll never stop doing it.

Photographer Brian Friedman started out as a road manager for the legendary jazz drummer Roy Haynes. But it was during Haynes’ 20-city tour, that Brian began photographing Roy and discovered his passion for image making that put him on a road to a new career. Since then, he has sharpened his skills and his eye to become recognized as a photographer of choice by noted entertainment personalities, corporate leaders, event planners and discerning individuals. His clients include iHeartRadio, Clearchannel Communications, NBC, CBS, 20th Century Fox, and comedians Brian Regan and Bill Burr, to name a few. Brian’s images have appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, People, Playboy, The Economist, and Pollstar to name a few. In 2007-2008 Brian had the distinct honor of photographing Barack and Michelle Obama for the Obama for America campaign. Recently Brian was given a 5 page live concert photography spread in M Music & Musician’s magazine – a first for that publication. To all of these assignments, Brian brings the same level of imagination and creativity that has distinguished his vision and his work for more than a decade.

Ep.124 Howard Pinsky – The Road From Photoshop To XD – Adobe Evangelism


Continuing with our interviews with the Adobe Evangelist team, we bring you the latest recruit, Howard Pinsky. Howard joined Adobe as a Senior XD Evangelist and is is responsible for sharing his UI/UX knowledge and experience with the design community through video, live streams, and at creative events, with a focus on the Adobe XD application. Howard began his career teaching Photoshop on YouTube, which is where I knew him from so it was great to hear how hard work and perseverance paid off with the role of a lifetime. 

Howard’s YouTube Channel

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Let’s XD



Howard on LinkedIn

Ep.123 A chat with Ant Pruitt – Tech, Photography & Life!


What can I say about this week’s guest other than he is genuinely one of the nicest men in the. industry. Mr Ant Pruitt, originally from South Carolina and now living in the Bay Area, North California, has worked hard and carved himself a career in tech and photography, finding himself working TWiT TV and their podcast. Ant has become a voice of authority on many subjects and brings a warmth and smile like no other. It was a pleasure for myself and Alan Hess to spend over an hour and a half chatting to Ant, we just didn’t want to stop. We hope you enjoy it too!

Ant on TWiT

Ant Pruitt is a technology professional-turned photographer, videographer, and content creator. Born and raised in South Carolina, Ant was an enterprise IT professional for more than ten years in North Carolina where he spent most of his adult life. Ant eventually turned his creativity into a small business, providing writing, photography, video, and post-production services. He handled a range of assignments, including portraits, event photography, social media marketing, and interview videos. He also worked as a freelance writer for TechRepublic, covering consumer tech, enterprise IT, and tips for beginner content creators.

Ant first appeared as a guest on the TWiT network in 2017 to share tips on drone photography and video. After a cross-country move with his wife and two younger sons (the oldest son is in the Army), Ant is set to co-host some of TWiT’s established podcasts, as well as develop new shows with a focus on digital photography and video.