HSHD Ep.74 – When Did We Stop Making it Personal?

This week’s episode is all about communicating. Glyn and Dave have touched on elements of this before but this week they decided to revisit this subject after receiving multiple cut and paste communications when a more personal approach would have yielded a more positive response. Why don’t we have time to be personal anymore?

Books to buy…
A Time To Fight: Living and Remembering WWII – Robert Anderson
Norman Mailer. MoonFire. 50th Anniversary Edition
Space Shuttle: A Photographic Journey 1981-2011
The Stan Lee Story

He Shoots He Draws Podcast 2019

HSHD Ep.72 Social Media – How Many Business Coaches & Entrepreneurs Do We Need?

Glyn and Dave have a catch up after Dave’s trip away the last two weeks. And this week it is a mini rant about the glut of business coaches, ‘gurus’, sales coaches and entrepreneurs on social media – what is the qualification these days to nominate yourself as one? These are our opinions only!



HE SHOOTS HE DRAWS PODCAST Ep.72 Social Media - How Many Business Coaches & Entrepreneurs Do We Need?

Photo in cover image by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

HSHD Ep.70 Maurice Jager on Business

LinkedIn NOT Just Another Social Media Platform

In this episode, Glyn chats with Headshot Photographer Maurice Jager based in the Netherlands about branding, the importance of a great head shot and LinkedIn. There’s no doubt that social media is big but despite this, it still doesn’t beat really speaking with people and building relationships, dare we say, the old way. Maurice chats through how and why he uses LinkedIn as his number one social media platform which may well make you want to take another look.

he shoots he draws - Maurice Jager - LinkedIn NOT Just Another Social Media Platform