HSHD Ep.96 Always Abounding – Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Business!

This week we chat to Kaleb Buckner, co-founder of Knoxville based creative video marketing business, Always Abounding. Kaleb and his business partner Ryan Stanley formed the business just 3 years ago and are already making waves with their creative use of video for businesses and events. Kaleb talks about how businesses should begin including professional vide was part of their marketing and promotional strategies for web, social media and presentations. These guys know their stuff and are the nicest chaps you could wish to meet!

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Always Abounding - Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Business!
Always Abounding – Why You Should Be Using Video In Your Business!

HSHD Ep.86 RC Concepcion Interview – Talkin’ ’bout Education

This week we are joined by RC Concepcion. RC is an old friend and one of the original Photoshop Guys at KelbyOne but left to start his own online photography training company before heading up to Syracuse to join Gregory Heisler as a professor, back in a school environment again where he first started back in NYC. RC is also an accomplised author woth books about Lightroom, Photoshop, HDR photography and more. It was so cool catching up with RC and chatting about his career and how he feels about the world of education, on and off-line.

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HSHD Ep.50 We are 50! The Best Podcast of 2018 (maybe)

So, we finally hit two milestones in a week, 100,000 total downloads and now our 50th episode. Therefore, in our own homes we are the best podcast of 2018….others may be better 😉 We started this back in February 2018 and have enjoyed creating episodes every week including some brilliant guests. To mark our 50th episode we chat about our year and what’s coming in 2019 – plus news of the big prize draw! We have books, t-shirts, Westcott swag and anything else we can find to add!


He Shoots He Draws - The Best Podcast of 2018 - Episode 50

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HSHD Ep.25 Work/Life Balance with Mark Heaps – Designer & Photographer

Glyn and Dave talk to designer, photographer, teacher, family man and businessman about the work/life balance and how to look for the warning signs when going too far. Mark runs a successful business with his wife in his own studio and tells us his story about how hard work and adaptability is critical in maintaining a healthy home and work balance.

[1]: https://twitter.com/lifebypixels
[2]: http://www.markheaps.com
[3]: https://www.instagram.com/lifebypixels/
[4]: https://scottkelby.com/guest-blog-wednesday-featuring-mark-heaps/

He Shoots He Draws - Mark Heaps