Ep.123 A chat with Ant Pruitt – Tech, Photography & Life!


What can I say about this week’s guest other than he is genuinely one of the nicest men in the. industry. Mr Ant Pruitt, originally from South Carolina and now living in the Bay Area, North California, has worked hard and carved himself a career in tech and photography, finding himself working TWiT TV and their podcast. Ant has become a voice of authority on many subjects and brings a warmth and smile like no other. It was a pleasure for myself and Alan Hess to spend over an hour and a half chatting to Ant, we just didn’t want to stop. We hope you enjoy it too!

Ant on TWiT

Ant Pruitt is a technology professional-turned photographer, videographer, and content creator. Born and raised in South Carolina, Ant was an enterprise IT professional for more than ten years in North Carolina where he spent most of his adult life. Ant eventually turned his creativity into a small business, providing writing, photography, video, and post-production services. He handled a range of assignments, including portraits, event photography, social media marketing, and interview videos. He also worked as a freelance writer for TechRepublic, covering consumer tech, enterprise IT, and tips for beginner content creators.

Ant first appeared as a guest on the TWiT network in 2017 to share tips on drone photography and video. After a cross-country move with his wife and two younger sons (the oldest son is in the Army), Ant is set to co-host some of TWiT’s established podcasts, as well as develop new shows with a focus on digital photography and video.