HSHD Ep.32 Moose Peterson – Wildlife, Landscapes & War Birds

It’s an absolute pleasure this week to chat to our old friend Moose Peterson. Who is Moose you may ask? Well, Moose’s true passion has always been and remains photographing the life history of our endangered wildlife and wild places. Since 1981 he and his wife Sharon have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. In recent years Moose has added aviation photography to his pursuits with the same goal of preserving our flying history, pictorial and oral for future generations. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 133 magazines worldwide, author of 29 books including Taking Flight, his best seller Captured and most recently, Take Off. He also has 25 classes on KelbyOne. And a he’s a bloody lovely bloke too!!

http://www.moosepeterson.com // https://members.kelbyone.com/author/moosepeterson/ //

On social media just search for Moose Peterson, you’ll find him 😉

Moose Peterson  Wildlife, Landscapes & War Birds

2 thoughts on “HSHD Ep.32 Moose Peterson – Wildlife, Landscapes & War Birds”

  1. It might be 04:50 (UK time) but I have listened to this new broadcast twice already. I enjoyed the podcast interviews with the two ‘news’ reporters but this is on a far different level in a far different way. This guy is awesome, talks so much of people about him and the way he says thanks etc is incredible, he might be in business but he thinks of all those people around him and his family. Stunning interview guys, you have, as you two hate to say it, raised it to another level. Well done.

    1. Hey thanks so much Graham…so good to know you enjoyed the episode and yeah agree wholeheartedly…Moose is the real deal. A top fella!


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