HSHD Ep.42 From Darkness comes Light: Finding Strength through Adversity

This week Glyn interviewed a friend from his school days, Nathan Black. Nathan was the kid that everyone wanted to be: good looking, tough, he had muscle, all the girls chased him..he had it all. However in later life has had serious physical and medical illness and it’s through his strength of character and positivity he’s alive today! No matter what you’re experiencing in life have faith that it will work out. Good times are ahead, just stick in there as Nathan has because through darkness there is light!

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One thought on “HSHD Ep.42 From Darkness comes Light: Finding Strength through Adversity”

  1. These two are not scared of anything but also make what they present informative, interesting, shocking but, above all, REAL. For anyone who has had to deal with what was covered here, I include myself with a burst appendix, blood clot and prostate problems (but only to a minor level compared to this guys history) this was a podcast not to be missed.
    They might be a photographer and a graphics guy but they make this podcast series a great listen for all.

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