HSHD Ep.49 It’s A Glyn & Dave Episode – News, Updates, Recommendations & Chit Chat

After a stretch of great interviews, Glyn and Dave have a catch up to talk about recent events, some news, a few recommendations and some info about our upcoming 50th episode and big prize draw. Plus some chit chat in-between. Stay tuned, subscribe and get ready for our episode next week, please tell your friends, share and comment, it really helps us make better shows for you and us! Thank you

Recommendation links
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Mark Seliger book LINK
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Apple Pencil LINK
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Field Notes Subscription LINK
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HE SHOOTS HE DRAWS PODCAST - Glyn Dewis, Dave Clayton

5 thoughts on “HSHD Ep.49 It’s A Glyn & Dave Episode – News, Updates, Recommendations & Chit Chat”

  1. Just a note to let you know I look forward to your podcast each week. There is always something new to learn but I think it’s the integrity that I hear that brings me back.
    Thanks for the effort.

  2. Happy early 50th episode gents. Your podcast is one of the highlights of my day when they come out. Looking forward to 50 more after the next one. Tried to leave a comment on iTunes, but since I left one back in April, it appears it won’t let me. Will research and see if it’s just user error (likely) or limitation, and will leave a new one if possible.

    1. Thank you Christopher, we appreciate you’ve already left a review, we really value our feedback, good or bad. Good keeps us going, bad gives us something to laugh about 😏 👍🏻

  3. I’m catching up on your podcasts, nice to have two ‘chit chat’s as you guys call it, very genuine guys who make you laugh along with them and honest talking about all type of subjects.

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