HSHD Ep.50 We are 50! The Best Podcast of 2018 (maybe)

So, we finally hit two milestones in a week, 100,000 total downloads and now our 50th episode. Therefore, in our own homes we are the best podcast of 2018….others may be better 😉 We started this back in February 2018 and have enjoyed creating episodes every week including some brilliant guests. To mark our 50th episode we chat about our year and what’s coming in 2019 – plus news of the big prize draw! We have books, t-shirts, Westcott swag and anything else we can find to add!


He Shoots He Draws - The Best Podcast of 2018 - Episode 50

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22 thoughts on “HSHD Ep.50 We are 50! The Best Podcast of 2018 (maybe)”

  1. Well done on 50 great episodes chaps. Heres to many more and I’m looking forward to seeing Dave’s headshot of Glyn 🙂

  2. Happy 50th you old ginners congrats on the double whammy. How to choose one fave episode it’s almost impossible I love them all… if I had to it would have to be Aaron Blaise mind you the Nathan Black episode blew me away. Cheers for the inspiration, entertainment laughs and sobs! Cheers to you both 🙂

  3. Gents, thanks a lot for the content you’re sharing! For me, HSHD definitely IS THE BEST podcast of 2018. I’m happy I had a chance to get to know at least something about the amazing people you interview. This is great inspiration.
    Greetings from Bratislava, Slovakia. You should visit (not just for a pint 😉 )!

  4. Nice to see the 50th episode…
    Two genuine guys who talk as if you are part of the conversation and make you laugh, and cry in some episodes, along with them as they talk about life and their interests. Her’s to the next 50 guys..

  5. Love the podcasts…it’s nice to have to guys chatting and not preaching that there’s only one way to do things! Keep up the great work and by the way your new book is golden!

  6. Absolutely love listening to you guys every single week. I’ve been a huge fan of Glyn for a few years now and thanks to this podcast I have been introduced to Dave as well. Thus far, I believe that your interviews are my favorite part. They have given me insight into this industry, the creative process, and the business aspect of photography. As a hobbyist who would like to turn this into a career, this information has been invaluable to me.

    This podcast is informative, engaging, and entertaining. My hope is that you continue this podcast for years to come…

  7. Congrats! Just discovered the podcast while watching the Youtube Dec 28 stream replay. Must head over to the Versace interview you talked about.

  8. When you started your podcasts I thought “I love what you do and I learn so much from your tutorials, but I haven’t got an hour to waste on a podcast” and I didn’t really try them out. Then not far into your series I saw you were talking to someone that intrigued me, so I put it on in the background whilst I was doing some post processing work. Then I was hooked, it was an hour well spent. Put aside the techie stuff for a while and just listen to the personal side of the speakers, their life and their anecdotes. I now find the time to listen to most of your podcasts

    BTW if you get the chance, and if he is willing, talk to David DuChemin. Right now (Dec 30th 2018) he is in London. I feel sure you will gel perfectly.

  9. Congrats on the nifty fifty! I’ve been following Glyn for some time, the YouTube info has been hugely influential in making vast leaps in my retouching skills, but the combination of you both on the podcasts with your guests is brain food for me, and I’m sure for many listeners. On paper it’s not going to be good, but it makes for very easy, interesting, educational and funny listening. Looking forwards to what you’re going to bring in 2019 now you’ve set the bar so high!

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