HSHD Ep.84 Ian In London – Talking About Drone Photography

Over the past year or so Drones such as the Phantom and Mavik Pro by DJI have received their fare share of bad press due to some irresponsible behaviour by the minority; however their popularity has far from diminished and their use becoming more and more widespread…and not just in the creative field.

In this episode Glyn chats with “Ian in London” whom he’d originally became aware of through YouTube. A self confessed ‘hobbyist’ Ian has developed a fast growing YouTube Channel where he covers all aspects of Drone use ranging from tips and best practice for successful flights and capturing stunning video and still images, do’s and don’t’s, travelling with drones, qualifications and much more.

Ian carries with him a wealth of knowledge gained through experience and as a CAA qualified (PfCO) Drone Pilot, so if you have a drone, are thinking of getting a drone or are simply curious, you’ll get lots from what he shares in this episode. A great guy with a great attitude, a willingness to share and true testament to how being consistent can lead to bigger things.

Website: https://www.ianinlondon.com

YouTube: search for ‘Ian in London’

Lost Drove over White Cliffs of Dover video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJX8uCGjEZo

Ian In London - He Shoots He Draws podcast - Photography

2 thoughts on “HSHD Ep.84 Ian In London – Talking About Drone Photography”

  1. Really enjoyed this episode, as I have similar interests and use-case as yourself Glyn, and Ian.

    I live near Niagara Falls in Canada, and that close to the US border with several airports in the vicinity the airspace is quite heavily regulated, as you may imagine.

    I have encountered people walking up to me asking about my right to have a drone in the air. I am fully certified and licensed, but not everybody accepts that and I often receive demands to see my documentation while I’m trying to fly. If it gets heated, I tell them that they have no right to see that – which is true, unless they are from the CFA or immigration – and that they are interfering with the lawful operation of an aircraft, thereby endangering the public, which is a crime for which they can be arrested – and here in Canada that’s also true. That usually gives me time to get the aircraft down safely, and we can continue the conversation.

    I actually created a T-shirt with the words ‘Certified Drone Pilot’ which seems to have reduced walk up arguments of this kind – if it’s on a T-shirt it must be true, apparently. A simple solution, and one I can wear with pride even when I’m not flying.

    Keep up the great work, guys. Happy whatever-day-you-read-this.

    1. Thank you for your message, that’s great that you are one of the good drone pilots and defend your right to people who have no clue of regulations other than being obstructive. Thanks for listening to the podcast, it really means a lot to hear back from listeners!

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