HSHD Ep.89 Dickie Pelham – A Life Behind The Lens – Sports Photography

We first interviewed Dickie Pelham back in June 2018 while he was at the FIFA World Cup in Russia. Since then Dickie has covered more of the World’s best sporting events and even found time to go through his archives to create his first book, “A Life behind the Lens: Thirty Years of Award Winning Photography of Sports Most Iconic Moments” with Pitch Publishing, over 250 pages of iconic sports photography. It’s always a pleasure to chat to Dickie, brilliant stories, great guy!

A Life Behind The Lens – Dickie Pelham | Amazon UK

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Dickie Pelham - A Life Behind The Lens Book - He Shoots He Draws


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About Dickie

Originally planned for publication on 12 August, Richard ‘Dickie’ Pelham’s A Life behind the Lens: Thirty Years of Award Winning Photography of Sports Most Iconic Moments was delayed by one week so as to enable the inclusion of images of England’s first-ever Cricket World Cup win in July.

The collection includes the very best work of Pelham, the multi award-winning chief sports photographer of The Sun for the past 30 years. He has covered six Olympic Games, seven World Cups, any number of Test matches and many championship boxing bouts, capturing the moments of triumph and despair, the great goals, the knockout punches, the key wickets and the gold-medal glory.

He has been trackside, ringside, pitchside and poolside as well as in the studio and on the training grounds with the biggest names in world sport, including Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, Jessica Ennis-Hill, Andy Murray, Paul Gascoigne, David Beckham, Tom Daley, Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua.

His pictures have featured on memorable front and back pages and centre spreads. The images are accompanied by Dickie’s own recounting of the human stories behind the pictures and the technical secrets of a master of his trade.

Richard Pelham is the multi-award-winning chief sports photographer of The SunA Life Behind The Lens is his own story and his own selection of his best photographs.

  • His main passions are boxing and football, and his images capture the brutality and the ballet of both
  • He shares the tales behind the pictures: of hiding in training ground bushes to photograph Paul Gascoigne…
  • Of falling into the same Barry Burn as 1999 Open golf leader Jean van der Velde’s ball at Carnoustie…
  • Of keeping a secret that mayhave ended Frank Bruno’s World Heavyweight title chances
  • He recounts his own race against deadline at the 2000 Olympic Games to get the shots that mattered onto the back page
  • Richard Pelham’s camera shows you spectacular opening ceremonies, dramatic knockouts, great goals, moments when the biggest sporting trophies were won and lost: the Ashes, the Champions League, Olympic gold
  • From Mo Farah to Manchester United, from Tiger Woods to Andy Murray, the greatest stars of world sport have all been part of his Life Behind the Lens

2 thoughts on “HSHD Ep.89 Dickie Pelham – A Life Behind The Lens – Sports Photography”

  1. I enjoyed the previous interview with Dickie and he comes across as one of the gents of the game when it comes to photography. Both episodes are great listening, to such an extent I ordered his book the same day. Not bad for a guy not really into football but the book reveals the quality of what Dickie has achieved over the years.

    Interview number 3 then guys?

    Dickie is one of those that makes photography exciting by simply listening to him.

    You guys make a podcast that should never be missed, keep it up.

    1. Hi Graham! I totally agree about Dickie, one of the industry’s good guys! Thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it 🙂

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