HSHD Ep.94 3945 Portraits – Remembrance

In this episode we remember those who selflessy served their Country during World War 1 and World 2 and who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in peace and with the freedoms that we do today. You’re going to hear excerpts from interviews when Glyn has sat and chatted with surviving World War 2 Veterans as part of his 39-45 Portraits Project. You’ll hear humour, incredible acts of humanity, you’ll hear first hand account of a mid air collision, military training and you’ll hear from a former prisoner of war. The voices you’ll hear are: David Edwards, Jeff Haward MM, Frd Glover, Victor Urch, Rusty Waughman, Jim Hooper, Frank Pendergast, Mervyn Kersh, Jack Ansell and Gordon Drabble. 

Check out https://www.3945portraits.com for more about these and other wonderful people.

HSHD Ep.94 3945 Portraits - Remembrance

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