HSHD Ep.39 Jason Levine – ‘The Greatest Showman’ and Adobe Worldwide Evangelist

This week we speak to a man we both admire as a professional and a friend, Jason Levine. Many of you may know Jason in his role as Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud and seen him presenting at many of the Worldwide Adobe events, dubbed by some as Adobe Jesus! Jason tells us about his beginnings and what the role means to him.

Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe, travels the globe inspiring and educating users about Creative Cloud, focusing on video, audio and mobile workflows. Levine has conducted training sessions for many top broadcast corporations in Europe and Asia including BBC, RTL and SVT. Prior to Adobe, Jason was a full-time recording engineer working in studios coast-to-coast, engineering hundreds of recordings in a multitude of genres, prompting the formation of BoodahJooMusic Publishing. Shortly thereafter, in combining years of songwriting and performance, he began laying down the foundation for a children’s music project entitled Just Play Music™. Since 2003, Jason has presented to more than 400,000 people, from Syracuse to Singapore and everywhere in between.

https://blogs.adobe.com/creativecloud/author/jason-levine/ // https://twitter.com/Beatlejase // Jason’s music on Spotify https://t.co/zTEb8Q8HDn // Article referred to in the interview https://qz.com/1166041/known-to-fans-as-adobe-jesus-technology-evangelist-jason-levine-takes-software-training-to-a-higher-level/

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