HSHD Ep:58 Are They Taking The P1$$

Free is a conversation, not an assumption

This week’s episode may be a tiny bit controversial but it’s meant to make us all evaluate why and when we expect something to be free, or considering why you have that expectation. Not having budget isn’t always a reason, it’s sometimes an excuse. Let’s all start valuing each other in the industry and keep the respect at a premium! Dave and Glyn discuss examples and situations they been involved in and look at the design and photography industry seperately and together, why do we have to deal with the assumptions we’ll work for free or expect others too. We’d love to hear your experiences and examples of why and why not, tell us about your successes or failures.

He Shoots He Draws Podcast - Are They Taking The p1$$ - Free is a conversation, not an assumption - Glyn Dewis and Dave Clayton

One thought on “HSHD Ep:58 Are They Taking The P1$$”

  1. Thanks for the great episode today! It was really helpful to hear this, as I have run into this from time to time. It’s always a day brightener to listen to your podcast, thanks for what you do. Jay

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