Ep.147 Khara Plicanic – Carving A Creative Career In Design And Education

Episode Notes

One of the best parts of having a podcast is getting to know good friends even better, in this instance our guest is someone we both admire and respect and have learnt from. Khara Plicanic is a self proclaimed ‘Design Geek & Photoshop Nerd’ but she’s so much more than that, she’s built a business and a brand and positioned herself as one of the “go to” people for design inspiration and instruction. She brings a unique joy to education, please listen to Khara’s story and then check her out!

Khara’s Website

Khara at Adobe Max





Ep.146 Adam Elmakias – Building A Brand In Music Photography

Episode Notes

Welcome back to the first episode of 2021 and we kick off with our good friend and top music photographer, Adam Elmakias. We first met Adam at Photoshop World about 9 years ago, already establishing himself as a music photographer he went on to carve out a truly unique career, touring with bands, building a huge social following, creating a magazine and now a great new podcast. We chat about the ups and downs along the way, the challenges of being on the road and also generating an established following himself. Adam is a great guy and a hard worker, join us for a fun chat between three friends. 

Adam Elmakias Website

Don’t Sh*t On The Bus Podcast

Ep.145 Dave & Alan – Highs & Goodbyes to 2020

Episode Notes

It’s the final episode of 2020 – thank you for sticking with us! We have a quick round up of our 2020, our highlights, recommendations and things to look forward to in 2021. We hope you’ve enjoyed the podcast, we’re enjoying recording, we have some great guests coming in 2021! Stay safe and Happy New Year!



Ep.144 Bryan Bedell – Field Notes Brand, Design and more!

Episode Notes

This is the penultimate episode of 2020 and what better way than to end it with someone who has become a friend over the past year and also works for one of my favourite brands, Field Notes, Mr Bryan Bedell. Based out of Chicago, Field Notes brand have been going for about 14 years but Bryan has worked with Jim Coudal for much longer. We chat about Bryan’s background as a designer, his Forensic Design project, working at Coudal Partners and life at Field Notes, the upcoming 50th edition, Aaron Draplin and lots more behind the Field Notes brand. **slight audio issue on my audio only**

Visit Field Notes here


Coudal Partners

Anyone who shares this episode will go into a draw to win some Field Notes! use #HSHDFIELDNOTES

Ep.143 Paul Shipper – Pt.2 Catching up with Paul – The Life of Richard Amsel

Episode Notes

As part 2 of the The Richard Amsel interview, I spoke with UK illustrator and previous guest of HSHD, Paul Shipper to discuss his experience and influence of Richard Amsel, helping Adam McDaniel with the documentary and also to see what Paul has been up to during lockdown.

Paul’s website

Paul’s instagram

Ep.142 Adam McDaniel – Pt.1 The Life of Richard Amsel – Movie Poster Legend

Episode Notes

This week’s podcast is an epic two parter! In the first I speak to Adam McDaniel, an artist himself who is also deep into a project honouring and documenting the life of movie poster artist Richard Amsel who sadly died in 1985 at the young age of 37. Richard, alongside Drew Struzan and John Alvin, was one of the great movie poster artists of his generation most known for his iconic Raiders of the Lost Ark poster. Adam has spent years collating as much information about Richard as he can to create a wonderful documentary and book to celebrate Richard’s life and work. Part two includes a chat with Paul Shipper, one of today’s great movie poster artists who is involved in the Richard Amsel documentary. Join us as we chat about the project and Richard’s life.


(aka www.richard-amsel.com


Ep.141 The High Road Design – Making A Living From Drawing

Episode Notes

This week’s episode was someone whose work I admire and he was recommended by a friend. Meet Jon Kutt AKA The High Road Design, an amazing artist who now specialises in Illustrator and Procreate. We chat about how the latest technology can be embraced to become a better and more flexible designer. Utilising the current software and hardware to give you more scope to be a better designer and get more business is what John has done over the past few years since getting an iPad and going mobile as a workflow. I love his work and aesthetic – and he’s such a fun interviewee! Enjoy!

HRD Instagram

HRD Shop

Ep.140 Kaylee Greer – Dog Photography and Personal Goals

Episode Notes

I first met this week’s guest, amazing Dog Photographer Kaylee Greer, at Photoshop World, we were both newbie instructors. Kaylee is one of the most hard working and dedicated professionals in her specialist field. She’s often imitated and you can see why, her style is unique and her reason for committing to dog photography is also admirable. She is a joy to interview and even more so as a friend. She has also just released her first book, Dogtography, with Rocky Nook which will also be a huge success.




Kaylee’s Website

Kaylee’s Instagram

About Kaylee

Kaylee Greer is an internationally recognized private and commercial pet photographer. She is living out her dream through a camera lens in gorgeous Boston, Massachusetts. She’s traveled the world teaching pet photography workshops and has seen her work published in many major industry editorial titles. Her images grace calendar lines, greeting cards, products, packaging and advertising campaigns throughout the commercial pet industry. Her photographic style is drawn directly from the inspiration she finds inside the soul of a dog. She is fueled by the joy, whimsy and unrelenting happiness that is so uniquely canine. Kaylee is known for her love of vibrant colors and process of capturing the comedy and character of dogs. Through her business, Dog Breath Photography, it is one of Kaylee’s strongest passions to give a voice to the voiceless by volunteering her time to local shelters and photographing the abandoned and homeless animals who lie in wait for a second chance.

Ep. 139 Elise Swopes – Creativity, Growth and Mobile Photography


This week’s guest is a delightful young photographer, speaker, influencer and hard working creative powerhouse, New York based Elise Swopes. Elise has taken mobile creativity to a whole new place, having built a name for herself through hard work and persistence, we chat to Elise about her beginnings and how she has crafted her brand and abilities to become one of the brightest new influencers in photography, film making and creativity in 2020.

Elise on Instagram

Elise’s Website

Elise at Adobe Max

Elise’s Podcast

ArtStudio App Link

BrainFever Apps

Elise on Phlearn

Elise on YouTube

Elise on YouTube Pt 2


Episode Notes

In this special mini episode I talk to fellow Photoshop expert and creator of the Photoshop Virtual Summit >> bit.ly/DCSUMMITVIP , Dave Cross, who tells us all about his FREE event starting Mon 9 November thru Friday 13th November. The event is completely FREE FOR 48HRS20 instructors including myself, 40 classes and 30 hours of broadcast Photoshop content.
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