Ep.124 Howard Pinsky – The Road From Photoshop To XD – Adobe Evangelism


Continuing with our interviews with the Adobe Evangelist team, we bring you the latest recruit, Howard Pinsky. Howard joined Adobe as a Senior XD Evangelist and is is responsible for sharing his UI/UX knowledge and experience with the design community through video, live streams, and at creative events, with a focus on the Adobe XD application. Howard began his career teaching Photoshop on YouTube, which is where I knew him from so it was great to hear how hard work and perseverance paid off with the role of a lifetime. 

Howard’s YouTube Channel

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Ep.123 A chat with Ant Pruitt – Tech, Photography & Life!


What can I say about this week’s guest other than he is genuinely one of the nicest men in the. industry. Mr Ant Pruitt, originally from South Carolina and now living in the Bay Area, North California, has worked hard and carved himself a career in tech and photography, finding himself working TWiT TV and their podcast. Ant has become a voice of authority on many subjects and brings a warmth and smile like no other. It was a pleasure for myself and Alan Hess to spend over an hour and a half chatting to Ant, we just didn’t want to stop. We hope you enjoy it too!

Ant on TWiT

Ant Pruitt is a technology professional-turned photographer, videographer, and content creator. Born and raised in South Carolina, Ant was an enterprise IT professional for more than ten years in North Carolina where he spent most of his adult life. Ant eventually turned his creativity into a small business, providing writing, photography, video, and post-production services. He handled a range of assignments, including portraits, event photography, social media marketing, and interview videos. He also worked as a freelance writer for TechRepublic, covering consumer tech, enterprise IT, and tips for beginner content creators.

Ant first appeared as a guest on the TWiT network in 2017 to share tips on drone photography and video. After a cross-country move with his wife and two younger sons (the oldest son is in the Army), Ant is set to co-host some of TWiT’s established podcasts, as well as develop new shows with a focus on digital photography and video.

Ep.122 Douglas Sonders – Diversifying During A Pandemic

Episode Notes

This is strong and powerful stuff. I haven’t edited out any swear words so please don’t listen around little ears. 

Join myself and co-host Alan Hess in welcoming week’s guest, Washington based businessman, photographer, filmmaker and a hardworking, inspiring man, Douglas Sonders. I first met Douglas in 2013 at Photoshop World. Douglas’s career has been a constant stream of hardwork, creative thinking, support, content creation, risk taking and also forming a website called NotABully.org which shares the stories of inspiring bully breed dogs that have faced great challenges, yet still serve our communities. We discuss his background, his story, mental health and trying to survive life’s battles and a pandemic.


Books that I like that discuss mindset and purpose:

Atomic Habits: https://amzn.to/3jp4nT8

Can’t Hurt Me: https://amzn.to/2WPIgMa

Happiness Advantage: https://amzn.to/30x3a3C

Man’s Search For Meaning: https://amzn.to/32OyUE3

The Storytelling Animal: https://amzn.to/3jFVg0G

The Obstacle is The Way: https://amzn.to/2WKjAV8

When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead: https://amzn.to/2OLGJSC

Great site for learning software and tech skills for cheap: www.Udemy.com

My old photo site (includes loads of BTS shoot content): https://www.sondersphotography.com/

My advertising production company: http://www.8112studios.com/

My augmented reality company: https://expandedexistence.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/douglassonders/

Private Facebook support group, for anyone that needs it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/238810583527348

Ep.121 David McClelland – TV Tech Expert – Technical Solutions in a COVID World

Episode Notes

Every week you hear the intro to the show and that voice is David McClelland, a friend of the show and also accomplished, experienced journalist and tech expert for tv, press and live events. We talk about how David ended up in a career in tech and how has his knowledge and experience helped him adapt to a COVID lockdown in his career, working from home and broadcasting from his spare room to continue to help us understand what’s going on from a technology viewpoint. David is a very knowledgeable guy and a great friend, I hope you enjoy the conversation.

David’s Website

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David’s Showreel

Ep.120 Mark Hirons – Being A Young Creative In 2020 And Beyond

Episode Notes

This week’s guest, Mark Hirons, is the youngest I have had on the show, he’s a designer who also created and hosts the Creative Waffle Podcast. If you’ve got children just leaving education for a career in any creative industry, give this a listen. Mark is just 22 and has already tried, achieved and failed more things in his career than most designers have even 10 years older than him. I met Mark back in 2018 and we’ve become good friends, we chat often and I am always impressed by how he continues to grow and learn from the experiences he’s created for himself. Join us as we chat about how Mark has set himself goals and how he’s learning from his peers and his own experiences to achieve the first of many great opportunities he’ll deserve throughout his career.

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Ep.119 Theresa Jackson – A 10 Year Journey, Opportunity Knocks!


Ten years ago I met this week’s guest, Artist/Designer/Photographer/Educator Theresa Jackson, at 2010 Photoshop World Las Vegas, along with my co-host Alan Hess. Theresa was the first attendee I met, we connected straight away and have remained good friends for 10 years. All three of us have shared similar experiences and growth since that first Photoshop World, each of us finding our own career path with many successes, some failures. We talk about how three (now) over 50’s can prove that there’s life in the old bones yet! Creativity isn’t stifled by age, it’s enhanced by experience. I hope you find something in this episode that encourages you to take more chances in your career! Oh, and thank you to everyone that downloaded our show, we just hit 200k downloads!

More about Theresa…

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Ep.118 The Aaron Draplin & Dave Clayton Interview – Books, design and more!

What can I say about my guest today that hasn’t been said before. Aaron has become an inspiring design to many with a fierce work ethic and stellar set of life morals. Aaron is know worldwide and I am proud to call him a friend as well as a colleague. I got to visit Aaron at his Portland home in October 2018. I wanted a different “Draplin Interview”, so we sat and talked one of our favourite subjects, graphic design books and designers as well as a bunch of other stuff over the hour. There are a couple of “F*$*s” in there, but it’s in context to the subject material so be aware around little ears. Please join myself and Aaron for a frank and honest chat about one of our favourite subjects.
// First published on The Vectorgenerians Podcast 2018 //
In partnership with RetroSupply and Creatives Ignite Conference.

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Creative South 2021

Aaron Draplin and Dave Clayton
Aaron Draplin and Dave Clayton

Ep.117 Nick Longo – The Wonderful World of Branding and Design

My guest this week is a fellow designer and podcaster, Nick Longo. We first met at Adobe Max 2017 and I was a listener of his podcast, Deeply Graphic Design. Nick is a man who wears many hats and wears them well. Designer, brand specialist, instructor, mentor, podcaster and business owner. We talk about the balance of all those responsibilities and the thing about branding that makes us both fascinated with it. Nick is a great, informative and intelligent guy and this was a very enjoyable chat about graphic design.

Nick Longo is a highly regarded creative executive with over 20 years in the design and retail industry. Nick owns and operates a branding agency specializing in product launches, corporate identity, packaging and retail executions. Previously Nick co-managed Equity Marketing, a leading promotional products company in Los Angeles, overseeing custom retail product development for clients such as Kellogg’s, Kohl’s, Burger King, Macy’s, Kraft Foods, DreamWorks and Starbucks. He has partnered with over 150 internationally known brands and licenses. His designs have been recognized by POPAI International Point of Purchase Organization, winning multiple Best in Industry awards.

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Ep.116 Katrin Eismann Interview – A Career in Photography and Life at Adobe

Episode Notes

What can I say about this week’s guest, Katrin Eismann is widely respected and has an awesome  career. She is is an internationally respected artist, educator, and author specializing in creative digital photography and the impact of emerging technologies upon professional photographers, artists, and educators. We chatted about her new role at Adobe, life with Lightroom, photography, life in lockdown and embracing new software and technology. It was a pleasure to interview Katrin along with my guest cohost, Alan Hess.

More about Katrin

Katrin Eismann is an internationally respected artist, educator, and author specializing in creative digital photography and the impact of emerging technologies upon professional photographers, artists, and educators. She received her BFA degree in Photographic Illustration from the Rochester Institute of Technology and her MFA degree in Design at the School of Visual Arts. Katrin is the co-author of Photoshop Restoration & Retouching, Photoshop Masking & Compositing, The Creative Digital Darkroom, and Real World Digital Photography – all of which have been translated into numerous languages for worldwide distribution. In 2005, Katrin was inducted into the Photoshop Hall of Fame and her images have been featured in numerous books, magazines, group and solo exhibitions. Katrin has presented on or taught digital imaging in six continents…and is working on getting to Antarctica! Currently, she is committed to innovating worldwide photographic education in her position as Product Manager of Engagement at Adobe Systems. Katrin enjoys the three f’s – food, photography and golf…not necessarily in that order and often simultaneously!





Ep.115 Kristi Sherk Interview – Photograpy, Mermaids, Teaching and Kids!

Dave and guest cohost, Alan Hess,  are joined by a good friend and fellow Photoshop World instructor, Kristina Sherk. Kristina is one of the leading beauty retouchers and instructors, under the name of SharkPixel, as well as running a successful headshot business and is a working mum of two small children. Life is a juggling act and we talk about how to fit it all in, learning, teaching and selling goods to supplement business and marketing. Oh, and mermaids!

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